Bishop Palmer's Episcopal Address

Unified Statement in Support of the Transgender Community

Response from local LGBT+ and Ally organizations to the prosecution of a local trans woman for using the locker room:

The LGBTQ+ community, together with our allies, is united in support of every member of our community. We, the undersigned organizations, reject hate and discrimination in any form, and strongly support the following ideals:

The right of any person, transgender or not, to use the restroom and locker room facilities that most closely align with who they are and to do so free from harassment.

The right of all peoples to live their lives free from being targeted by legal actions based on their sexuality, gender, gender identity, gender expression, or any other intrinsic human characteristic. Every person, transgender or not, deserves the freedom to thrive, and to be treated with dignity and respect.

Every person, transgender or not, deserves the freedom to use the restroom and other personal care facilities that align with their gender identity without fear of leering, harassment, or persecution.

Every person in our community—no matter their race, gender, income, religion or none, who they love, or their national origin—is welcome in our community.

When 4 of 5 Americans support rights for LGBTQ+ people, nearly all Fortune 500 companies have implemented non-discrimination policies that are inclusive of LGBTQ+ people, and nearly two-thirds of Americans strongly feel that transgender people should be protected from discrimination; it is clear that what is happening in every community by a small number of individuals out of step with American values. Our LGBTQ+ community is pro-love and anti-hate.

Current Businesses and Organizations Signed on to the Unified Statement of Support

Black and Pink SW Ohio
Dayton Anti-Racist Network
Rainbow Connection Mental Healthcare, LLC
Closet Transformation
Hope Collective Church
Dayton LGBT Center
Have A Gay Day
Gatlyn Dame Group, Inc.
More Than A Hug
A Cup of Joe Media
Miami Valley Unitarian
Unitarian Universalist
Justice Ohio
St. John’s UCC
Aiko’s Gallery

Dykes of Dayton
Brite Signal, Sinclair
National Conference for Community & Justice of Greater Dayton
The RubiGirls
The Foodbank Inc.
Southwest Ohio Northern Kentucky Association of the Heartland Conference of the United Church of Christ SONKA (Southwest Ohio Northern Kentucky Association)
Dayton Metro Library.
PFLAG Dayton
Aiko’s Gallery

To add your business or organization please email:

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